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As a stand-up comedian fighting Sickle Cell Anemia all of his life, Snow remains in a constant battle: his insecurities about his illness versus his desire to simply live his best life. He's a natural born outlier who's great at saying the wrong thing at the right time. Far from being suave– you won't catch Snow throwing his coat over a girls shoulders when it's cold outside, he'll warm her up with his dark sense of humor instead.


Soft, loving… fine as hell. These are all words to describe Cali, a woman whom many adjectives could describe but, few could summarize. Cali doesn’t take any shit, literally— but as a caretaker she might clean it up a little. A strong, heart on her sleeve type, she’s not one to cross, so stay on her good side and you’ll be fine… just not as fine as she is.


We all have one: an emotionally stable, charismatic, and confident best friend who we can lean on and subsequently compare ourselves to when we’re trying to figure out how well we’re pacing in this thing called life. That’s what Jaq is to Snow: a solid dude serving as the human embodiment of Snow’s moral compass. When they aren’t bickering about arbitrary topics or gaming the day away— you can look at them and spot a friendship  stronger than an EDM wristband.

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